Beastmode ft. Xay Hill 

produced/mixed by Poetics 

written by kj52, poetics 



I’m going in Keep it on ten

I gotta win That’s Beastmode Beastmode

Ay, I’m going in Ay, keep it on ten

I gotta win That’s Beastmode Beastmode



What you think it  won’t come back 

What you think it won’t gone last   

Last night the crowd all stacked

Like 42 cats in a duffle bag packed

No time just to run on back 

I shine for the son of man 

I got two rhymes like a gun in fact that 

That I squeeze and I pop like its bubble wrap 

And I blast smash w/ a new clique

Out last and spazz when the groove hit 

Keep the word on my mouth when i do this 

Like a toothpick on my two lips 

But i just been a nuisance 

See ever since i came brand new since 

I think big like my brain is a 2x 

So you can just snack on my two cents

Take that take that when I boost it

See I’m a just rap till you boost it 

Dont nap it slaps when the crew flex 

See I’m a turn moments to movements 


Soon as I walk in a pop in the door (Im a go I’m a go beastmode)

All that I know I’m losing control (Im a go I’m a go beastmode)

I aint stoppning till reaching my goal (Im a go I’m a go beastmode)

I aint shaken I’m breaking the mold (Im a go I’m a go beastmode) 



I don’t need to earn that clot 

Bar up like i work on out 

Shot up then it burned on down

But i came this far why I turn down now?

And it hurts no doubt 

When it gets built up then it burns on down 

But i took off my crown 

And fell at his feet on a burnt down ground 

The devil tried to snatch my kid

I cant even Pay my bills 

What you think that I’m gone chill 

When he just told me just stay still 

It’s like it took a walk through hell  

Take a little walk in my twelves

You can see that Im not well

But I just got up everytime that I fell 

And I still need him

Standing here and I’m still breathing 

Got my hands to the ceiling 

I’m a catch flights every night not feelings 


Soon as I walk in a pop in the door (Im a go I’m a go beastmode)

All that I know I’m losing control (Im a go I’m a go beastmode)

I aint stoppning till reaching my goal (Im a go I’m a go beastmode)

I aint shaken I’m breaking the mold (Im a go I’m a go beastmode) 




GO FOR IT ft. Jodie Jermaine, Mitch Darrell 

produced/mixed by Poetics 

written by: kj52, poetics, Jodie Jermaine, Mitch Darrell 




I mix the old school w/ the new school till its true school 

Lost in the groove like the dog up in blues clues 

Jesus come out jogging out the tomb like its zoom zoom

Paid it all the chucking up the peace like its deuce deuce

I got the juice juice man the flow is butter 

Yall’s is duck duck goose goose blu bluh bluh 

You got the lethal weapon you aint danny glover 

The world had to fall like the season after summer  

Word to none ya see my age aint nothing but number 

So I’m raging like I’m blazing all up in a hummer 

With no ac and I’m crazy doing like a hundred 

You could chase but Im swayze now just when you run up 

How he loves ya but it makes me really kind of wonder 

How we know it more but you acting dumb and dumber 

So im praying till I’m staying and I see the sun up ‘

My daddy said you better hustle boy until you come up 


Go for it uh I think I think I better go for it yeah

I see the goal and I’m a go toward it ahh 

They see me running they like Go forest go for it go for it 


(Jodie Jermaine) 


Imma go for it I’m known for it 

My flesh weak And my souls waring 

But my spirit man On the road touring Already 

Yeah Demons sent to upset me 

Yeah But I ain’t tryna roll petty 

Yeah I’m a good fella but don’t test me 

Yeah I meant goodfella Joe Pesci 

Woah Imma Hit em with a yippie ki yay 

They gon hate but I’m saved and I’m energized

I’m listening for the inner cries 

For the ones that are penalized every time that sin arises

Lift Christ everything else minimize it

Don’t call it an Ishmael when this is Isaac

Supernatural is our enterprises and yeah I’m from the hood homie but now I’m living righteous 

Run the check up 

I’m surviving if none respect us

And Father touch my heart 

Run the check up 

Help me bear the pain I know you allowed to bless us 

Even if takes 1000 tortures

We’ll surround disorder with the hounds of heaven 

Around the corner is the Man of war so I’ll be  chanting forward as I bow in reverence like 

Go for it X2

I don’t have a choice 

God gave me a voice 

So now I’m gonna 

Go for it x3

The angels all rejoice when we when we 




(Mitch Darrell) 


Runnin a race and you gunnin to place ima win like im Usain Bolt (uh)

Done in a second you comin in second they pay me what 2 chainz sold (uh)

Thought about given up Jonah with ninevah thought it was Too painful (uh)

Do what I gotta do taken out all of you Call me the new Django (uh)

 Life is a vapor so fragile like paper but know that I Wont stop now (uh)

so full of obstacles think they might stop a few Prayin I don’t Lock down (uh)

All of you gophers you hide ima go for it drivin I go top down (uh)

Aint no one stoppin me God never droppin me Got whatchu Don’t Got (now)

 Callin for the goat so I appear, I could turn a legend to a peer

Got the drive the man can really steer, Catch the haters starin like a deer

Homie im a tortoise u the hare, camera shows I beat ya by a hair

Apathetic yall don’t even care, Momma say My attitude is rare


Spittin so lyrical yall need a miracle just to be nearin my spot 

I’m rappin spiritual yalla satirical some of you fearin the top 

Until the whistle blow you see me give n go aint no one blockin the shot

Weakness aint visible ima get physical nothin can get me to stop




Big enough ft. Xay Hill 

produced/mixed by: Poetics 

written by: Kj52, Poetics, xay hill 


Keep it up keep it up 

Tell the whole world we be keeping up 

Tell the whole squad we aint giving up 

God on our side we gone run it up 


Tell your team they aint big enough 

Tell your dreams they aint big enough 

tell them schemes they aint big enough 

Ya hit the ground then pick it up 


Cru-zang but I hustle fast 

like Usain in the 100 dash I’m just 

New school but Im from the past  

Like wu tang in a 100 masks

Do thangs w/ a 100 raps 

To make the crowds say ho like a thundercat 

Hit the lines like a running back 

Till i run in back just when I run the track

I aint where i used to be 

I aint what they used to see  

But my Lord been good to me 

So I got no malice like pusha t 

I’m a rapper/pastor 

You are a rapper/actor 

Your life plus no christ 

That is a crashing disaster

I got to blast smash faster  

When i just blast smash past ya 

Hold tight now its all right 

He coming back to just snatch ya  

I’m blasting off past nasa 

In my sneaks and cap backwards

So blast the song past @ ya 

Till I’m gone in that rapture  



Step up pull out the pen again

I’m just the dude to get it in

Swimming in the rhythm that I’m living in 

Or sipping lipton at the bennagins 

Private jet or the  mini van 

I’m living  better than i ever been

I kill the flesh till it’s trembling 

Like eddie brock in the venom and

Now you claim your packing you getting yo chips like it was a packet of pringle in’s  

Im in the back snacking and macking chewing some gum full a  cinnamon 

Cause just when I’m rapping Ill bet it happens I get you w/ nouns and the synonyms 

Catch me now laughing I’m smashing the lines I hit you like a jacket from benny hinn 

You got the goons in the truck 

I got the spoons in a cup 

Man i grew up in a dump

Eating up soup in a cup 

So i just do it for the love 

And I’m moving it up 

And Im pursing Him yuhh

Cuz I just knew he’s enough




HAVE A GOOD DAY ft. Vrose 

produced/mixed by: Poetics 

written by: kj52, poetics 


Im gonna have a good day 

gone have a good have a good day 

yeah yeah yeah 


Why this lady with a puppy dog 

3 kids mini van gotta cut me off 

Why every time that I hit the mall 

You gotta back me in till i hit the wall 

Why you on my tail sir 

This is not what Im prepared for 

To get a scream and a swear word

God bless you right there sir 

Been up since 5:18 

All i got in the fridge is some baked beans 

God help me w/ my day please 

They wanna break me down there till I straight scream




Even when I’m waiting in the line 

Staring at the sky stress waiting on the mind  

So even when I’m barely getting by 

The thing that I find that your always on the time 

So I’m a climb up a new way

Cause Im reminded it’s a new day

Feeling fresh like I’m putting on some new j’s 

New start new heart in a new state 

Even if it’s cloudy on a tuesday 

And the routes that I drive is down to two lanes 

Suns coming out I heard a Blue jay

And thats just when you say 




Flex ft. Dre Murray 

produced/mixed by: Poetics 

written by: Kj52, poetics, dre Murray 


Flex on em flex on em 

Tell the whole world I'm a flex on em 

Flex on em flex on em 

Watch me supplex on em


Watching from the sidelines drawing a play 

The referee can’t see the foul, I’m bout to call it a day 

But just before I threw the towel I heard a message that say 

The enemy is on the prowl, you can’t leave it this way

Oh boy

So I hopped back in that 22 

Dancing on the beat like it’s JuJu

I can’t leave it incomplete, what would you do?

The enemy, he say he feel it, (he) think it’s voodoo

Who knew?

I’d still be rapping, man it wasn’t the plan

I still remember hitting KJ up when I was a fan 

Didn’t care about a sale, didn’t call it a brand

I just thought the rhymes were fly, and I’m praying they land 

Yes sir!

In the hearts of people that’s in the dark

Maybe the words I write could be the spark 

Leave it to them to argue about a chart

I’m trying to be the start

I’m trying to leave a mark


Somebody stuck me for like 20k

They took the money then they went away

Things got ugly but I been ok

Sometimes you gotta know the plans got to changes  

Fin to say fin to state had it all then it crashed

Been this way get to say now its all coming back 

I be flexing on them but its never been about the cash

Blessings that i had can’t be counted with the things I have

If you would’ve caught me on the wrong day 

I would've spassed out like im kanye 

So many times I went the wrong way 

I had to find what the psalm say

Rolling now with andre doing just what God say 

Just wanna eat picante and watch the palm sway

And I aint gone fall away 

Even when they said I was washed like the laundry 


Depression Nap ft. Dru Bex 

produced/mixed by: Poetics 

written by: kj52, Poetics, Dru Bex 


Now I lay me down pray my soul to keep

Feeling lost but I’m found when I go to sleep

This depression’s taking over somehow 

it won’t last forever but to overcome now 

Now I lay me down pray my soul to keep

But all I do is sleep because I got no peace 

I pray I got these angels watching over me  

Cause the only time I’m awake is when I go to sleep 



One more stressing session happens you gone throw that towel in 

Depression stressing on your mental till you felt surrounded 

Wrestling with this mess guessing till it pulls you down in

Its like you fall into your tears until you felt your drowning   

Counting all your blessings guessing but you really doubting 

Heading no direction mention that your heart is pounding   

You lock the door close that window when you in this house and 

Feeling all alone at home or when your in the crowd and 

The hands of the enemy steadily gripping ya deadly 

Readily breaking you mentally  right at the point till ya never free 

Ya drift to the heavenly just want to find out the remedy 

Anyone helping me please take a minute if you could just send up a prayer for me   

And here’s that thing that they won’t ever tell you 

Here’s that dream that they won’t ever sell you 

Friends are friends until they go and fail you  

Cause fire either refines or it’s gonna melt you 



Caught up in that pscho cycle repeating that 

Wake up get up stand up back to sleep again

Tossing turning wake up then your sleeping in 

Ya need to talk to God but you dont speak to Him  

Sucked down in that self doubt keep on sneaking in

Ya crushed down in these secrets just want to breath again  

You lock down on the weekends claim dont need no friends 

But then you start complaining when you leaving them 

Your life has a purpose even ya feeling ya worthless 

I know that ya burdened trust me Im certain man i know that your hurting 

Man I’m just scratching the surface yeah i know it could worsen 

Im certain theres hope Im certain you’ll cope please dont close up the curtain

Cause God is there even when you can’t see Him

I pray you know him before you go and meet him 

Face yourself before you face your demons

I pray you find everything before you go and leaving  


Fade to black depression nap 



gimme that chicken 

produced/mixed by: Poetics 

written by: kj52, poetics 


Im about to roll in quick

Im about to get my fix 

Whats up with these kids 

Why they all up on my hip

I got the sauce that drips 

How much can i get 

I’m a put it all on my lips 

Dang it’s all on my kicks

When Im walking by i want a waffle fry I’m not a whopper guy 

No awkward eye no awkward guy I’m just saying Hi 

When i run inside when I get in line I want a number 5

Gimme two shakes there and a cow hat put it all on the side 


i want chicken

gimme dat chicken  

deep fry that chicken 

God bless that chicken 

I want chicken 


I’m on fair fax w/ my air max and my hair back

I aint even scared yet I’m a head right there back

I’m walking in real fast  what yall staring at 

Im kicking all the chairs back 

Screaming gimme that chicken where it at 

Get a pen and pad I aint getting mad Im getting in my bag  

What I fin to grab is polynesian sauce in a big old slab 

I aint care the cost ill take it all right there if thats all you have 

Sir it would be my absolute honor to serve you…  bring it out real fast 






Produced/mixed by: Poetics 

written by Kj52, poetics 


I just want to love you like it Jim and pam 

walk the beach write you name up in the sand 

kiss your cheek while I  hold your hand 

I just want to love you like Jim and pam


My house a  lot noise plus  a lot of boys 

broken toys broken doors that just get destroyed 

And let me make it clear dear if i made a choice 

here I wouldn’t change thing yeah I gotta lot of joy  

I love the fact that your all righteous plus a little rachet

Plus you you crack me up every time  I watch you dancing

And everything that happens babe I know you got my back and  

So we just hanging driving right just with the kids just laughing 

And now we never take a picture right 

25 pictures there aint one we  like 

Bit I could do that just like every night 

Glad to have you in my life by my side




I just want you standing close to me

Aint that the way that it’s supposed to be

We can roll around w/ my old cd’s 

You can hold to me just while you roll w/ me  

And we may never ever get the mansion 

But i got a hand that you can put your hand in 

Im glad your there not matter what would happen 

We prepared to make it wether  feast or famine

Aint nothing better than to see laughing 

Might not got the cheddar or all the cash and 

But we can stand here and just keep on dancing

God will take the picture we just write the caption 




Intro: Dave is on vacay

produced by Spechouse 



Best time of the Year 

produced: Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire 

written by: J. Sorrentino, Lamont “Spechouse” Blackshire (Spechouse Media ASCAP)

mixed by: Anthony Quest and Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire 



So while your up north there ya getting getting freezed out 

Im down south walking around town with my knees out 

Feeling the breeze now with the palm trees out 

And unless its ocean well I don’t pull the ski’s out 

So don’t be hating all on me pal 

Cause it’s all green and there’s no brown leaves out 

This is florida and I don’t plan to leave now 

And the only thing i got to make sure is the pool cleaned out

Oh im sorry is that a turn off 

Cuz your lips are purple and chapped and about to burn off 

Trying to get all the sand and the dirt off 

My feet cuz I’m at the beach lounging with the shirt off 

Take a turtle and a gator and then I go dip 

And ride a manatee off into the sunset

Are we there dad are we having fun yet 

Sit down hush up button up your one lip 


Its the best time of the year 

Best time of the year 

Im a make it real clear 

Its the best time of the year aw yeah aw yeah 


Merry Christmas get this on your wish list 

Fingers on the wrist get froze like a fish stick

as the time tick ticks ya really might miss this

All you wanna do is drop the dough like it’s bisquick  

you in the snow with ya 6 kids 

Smashing through the road in ya town or ya district

Cause the crowds are a thick clique   

Your nose won’t stop running man you’re getting sick quick  

Before you checking of the list kid 

I came to remind you of this this

Reason of the season aint just a gift list 

Its Jesus the greatest gift man that a gift gives



Up on the housetop 

produced by: Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire 

written by: J. Sorrentino, Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire (Spechouse Media ASCAP)

mixed by: Anthony Quest and Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire 



Dec 24th  Im at my home chilling 

all of sudden i hear this thudding right upon the ceiling 

I be like who be illing right there up in my building

killed my Christmas vibe and ruined this whole feeling but  

all of a sudden a big dude with the white beard 

looking quite weird popped up like right here   

said I’m here to battle you plus its quite clear 

man I’m in my nike airs chilling with my  wife here relax


Up on the housetop click click  click 

down through the chimney came ole’ saint nick  


he’s like my flow is plain sick 

so let me break it down straight quick 

they call me lil kringles aka st nick 

and you’s a lame kid plus you should straight quit 

and he said its risky to diss me

cause i got a flow that’s dirtier than ya chimney 

I punch rhymes like my punch lines to ya kidney  

And if it was a present is the only way to rip me 


Up on the housetop click click  click 

down through the chimney came ole’ saint nick  


I said listen b why the heck now dissing me 

plus man your older than some ancient history  

And your nose it could really use a histamine 

plus your milk breath well it could really use some listerine 

what the heck dog you smell like dead log 

wrapped in red fog with curdled up egg nog

plus its time to get the weight off  

so why don’t you gone take off and go do a  light jog 

so wrong you need to roll on   

Plus you need to get them reindeer off my whole lawn 

thats the junk to get you stole on 

plus you better say so long before it goes wrong


Up on the housetop click click  click 

down through the chimney came ole’ saint nick 


im standing there trying to drink it in

bunch of little elf men try to get it in 

how did I get in this predicament 

that was when I stood there and then I all sink on in 

man its quite amazing 

i got santa and the elves and they locked up in my basement 

and the reindeer are outside in the waiting 

does this qualify as a home invasion?  

See im about to start a riot 

against this dude he just probably just needs a diet 

and he’s standing there all defiant 

thats when i woke up with my two kids crying.. 


Get out my way 

produced by: Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire 

written by: J. Sorrentino, Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire (Spechouse Media ASCAP)

mixed by: Johnny Grande 





Man the mall’s so popping 

Man she won’t stop shopping 

Man she won’t stop stopping 

Its 5 in morning i cant stop yawning 

Why do we keep on walking 

Why do we keep on talking 

I feel like she got me locked in 

Somebody call in the cops in  

I cant not do this no mo’ 

I cant not walk in this store 

There was a kid at the door

Seeing him eating his food off the floor  

Im getting disgusted for sho’ 

Man he picking his nose 

Wiping the junk on his clothes 

No where can I go im a lose it fo’ sure 


Get out my way 


Why you wanna drive so bad drive so bad 

Get out my way 

Why you wanna take my bag take my bag 

Get out my way 

Yall just make me mad make me mad 

Get out my way please

What’s up with dad? 

Unhhhh get out my way 



I can not just remain calm 

I am so sick of this song 

Kids where is ya mom 

Kids where is ya mom 

Why is there cheese on your arm 

Did you just sneeze in your palm

Why can’t you two get along 

Why? ah cinnabon 

Siri show me the car 

I can not find it all

I am so sick of this mall 

I am so sick of you all please pick up my call 

I might sit in the hall 

Maybe I’ll just talk to the wall 

Take a nap on the floor  

This aint shopping it’s war 



Interlude: Meowy Christmas 

produced by: Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire 

written by: J. Sorrentino 

upright bass: Greg “Pigz” Wickstrom 

mixed by: Anthony Quest and Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire 



Silent Night 

produced by: Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire 

written by: J. Sorrentino, Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire (Spechouse Media ASCAP)

Vocals: Madeline Gibbs 

mixed by: Johnny Grande 


Silent night holy night 

All is calm all is bright 

Silent night holy night 

All is calm all is bright 


Mary was a teenager joseph a little older 

It wasn’t december but it got a little colder 

They was in that spot where she got to hold ya

Just on the run just from the hunt of these roman soldiers  

In a feeding trough is where they got got to hold him 

Its just a feeding spot there just to hold you over 

One day for 30 coins well they went and sold ya  

Then threw you in a cave right there where they’d roll a boulder

No Christmas lights ant no Christmas tree

But there was life there was light up in the peace of prince 

And they would call him christ call him king of kings 

Born of virgin birth that was the mystery 

He took our misery and came to get us  free 

He was that gift indeed wrapped up for all to see  

Follow the star right there to where he slept in peace 

To see this baby boy this little refugee 


Silent night holy night 

All is calm all is bright 

Silent night holy night 

All is calm all is bright 


It was a silent night but they was blessed to speak 

And talk about the light the one that came to be 

The way and truth and life the only one that we need 

He was born just for this reason now for you and me 

They headed west to yall they named you yeshua 

That means the Lord will save yeah yes you are 

The bright and morning star we have all fallen short 

Of your glory in this story we are not up to par 

They had come so far and now were blessed to call 

On the name above all names and that the best of all 

And  from the worst of us right there to the best of yall 

You were the net that was spread just to catch our fall 

Took all we did removed this mess of ours 

So that no one would miss the grace of God 

You took the debt then erased it all 

On the silent night so to you we call 


Silent night holy night 

All is calm all is bright 


Round yon’ virgin 

Mother and child 

Holy infant so tender and mild 

Sleep in heavenly peace

Sleep in heavenly peace 




Glory Glory ft. Bookie the Baby 

produced by: Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire 

written by: J. Sorrentino, Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire (Spechouse Media ASCAP)

mixed by: Johnny Grande 



 glory glory hallelujah 


all hail the king who reigns supreme now let em sing   

the one who set them free who will forever be 

now won’t you let it ring we call him elohim 

who promised he would never leave ever leave 

my eyes have seen his glory now so I believe 

my life will tell the story of the prince of peace 

Now He was heading toward me every time i leave 

so im a get these angels bow let em speak 


All the angels singing all the angels singing 

everybody singing everybody singing 

can you hear them singing can you hear them singing 

this is what the singing this is what they singing 


 glory glory glory glory  hallelujah 

All the angels singing all the praises to ya 

All glory all the honor that is due ya 

glory glory glory glory  hallelujah 



cause you will reign forever  never fade away 

you just reign supreme you always stay the same  

cause you got all we need now now you never change 

cause you became our peace that day you came our way  

came to stay went away one day you be coming back

set your plan in motion just right there and then you ran it back 

all they ever want is racks on racks on racks 

but your just all we want and that is that 


All the angels singing all the angels singing 

everybody singing everybody singing 

can you hear them singing can you hear them singing 

this is what the singing this is what they singing 


 glory glory glory glory  hallelujah 

All the angels singing all the praises to ya 

All glory all the honor that is due ya 

glory glory glory glory  hallelujah 



Interlude: I’m Offended 

produced by: Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire 

written by: J. Sorrentino 

mixed by: Anthony Quest and Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire 


It’s the holidays time for hanging out and having fun 

It’s the holidays and I’m offended by everything and everyone 

dah dah dah 

I’m gonna unfriend you 


All I Want ft. Spechouse 

produced by: Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire 

written by: J. Sorrentino,  Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire 

mixed by: Johnny Grande 



All I want for Christmas is this short list 

and of course this and these porsches 

So all I want for Christmas is this whole list 

and if I don’t get I’m still so blessed 

and all I want for Christmas is a fast car 

like a rap star like Nascar 

the Savior was born what more could I ask for 

unless your saying I could ask more 

Now all I really want is this 



wanna know God in a bigger way

have my own mall yeah plus a chic fil a

i wanna ball like im michael J  

then crawl up the wall like I’m spiderman get away 

get a little cray scream like I’m lil tay

swim in a little lake scare all the kid away 

and eat a little steak with a little bit of a little cake  

and let christmas go right there to the month of may  

i want the freshest pair of air max  

till all the haters got to  stop now stare back  

like I’m riding on a unicorn down on fairfax 

bareback screaming out what the heck you staring at 

i want to always pick the fast line 

when im in the gas line when i gotta pass time

 go faster than a cat up a fast climb 

and have all my teams win the game now by half time 


i want to roll with my little team 

hit the scene I’m a buy out the krispy kreme

a big hug plus a cup full of listerine 

to every stank breath thug acting a little mean 

let them know about the one who could get em clean  

let em know about the son who can get em free 

they can have a real love plus a little peace 

and I’m only knowing that because he so real to me 

arcade of centipede and some pac man 

and everywhere I go there’d be a rap jam

and every show that I flow would be packed man 

w/ every rap fan now from white to black and 

i want 100 caps and a hat stand

my own jam band that played when i ran man 

100 laps while I’m waving at the grand stand  

end with a hand stand just because i can man 



Go to Bed 

produced by: Dominic Gibbs 

written by: J. Sorrentino,  Dominic Gibbs 

upright bass: Greg “Pigz” Wickstrom 

mixed by: Johnny Grande 


it was the night before Christmas and all up through the house 

all my creatures is stirring they jumping on the couch 

they grab the remote control man then they ran around 

while Im yelling at em’ won’t you please go turn it down 

then i heard a sound and then i turned around 

sniffed the air smelling like somethings burning now

Christmas trees on fire and its about to burn on down  

but my kids are moving slower than a turtle now

and then I put it out feeling like I gone insane 

while the other one just got into the candy canes 

sugar rush it be going straight up to his brain 

now he’s chasing the cat up and down the window pane

and i feel deranged while im steady standing there 

cuz they dressed the dog up just like a reindeer 

its Christmas eve do you even straight care?

I’m looking at them then I had to say here 


Won’t you go to bed 

why won’t you go to bed 

your driving your Dad crazy in the head 

why won’t you go to bed


then they ate the milk and cookies like a cannibal 

looked at me said keep the change filthy animal 

then they ran and rolled right into a handled phone 

running and they screaming like Kevin just did in Home alone

so i stand alone feeling like im going nuts 

staring at these legos pieces and some broken trucks 

if you make me stress and cuss and cause another fuss 

its just gonna be Festivus right here for the rest of us 

but i had enough they just made me mad 

they broken everything how they gonna pay me back 

staring at my children while they acting crazy bad 

grinch is about to steal Christmas and his name is dad 

and im crazy mad see my wife walking up 

she said knock it off with all that humbug 

dont forget the very reason for the one love 

why we just celebrate Jesus thats enough 


Outro: Happy New Years 

produced by: Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire 

written by: J. Sorrentino 

mixed by: Anthony Quest and Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire 


For auld lang syne my dear 

For auld lang syne 

We’ll save a cup of kindness yet 

Oh sing of auld lang syne


Last year was a tough year man a rough year 

But I got to stop and drop a little love here 

Cause what I lost it could never ever compare 

To everything I’ve found in the cross what he’s done there 

And its so clear I come so far 

So bring on the new year on let’s go off 

Aint nothing gonna stop us now so go hard 

So let that old year go its time to go on 

Aint nothing left to know but to know God 

He’s in control and the shows gotta roll on 

Its been a tough ride so just hold on 

Its gonna get better man so say so long 

The past there and all your past fears 

And thank God that at least you come here

And I’m a tell my wife now just to come near 

Let me get a little kiss when it hits the new year  



Bonus: Dad Jeans & Ugly Sweaters (remix)

produced by: Poetics

written by: Jonah Sorrentino 

mixed by: Poetics 



Hopped up in the my prius 

Yall fools you cant see us 

My crew be the cleanest 

All crocs no adidas 

Yall know who my team is 

What you think you can see us 

Kids Screaming out feed us 

Soccer match on them weekends 

Wether its cold Or a hot day 

Pumpkin spice in my latte 

Kids all in karate 

I thinking driving the whrong way

i don’t care what yall say  

Im balling out at tar-jay 

holidays to hollendaise

Im saucing all at  yo party 


Dad jeans and my ugly sweater 

My ugly sweater 

Dad jeans and my ugly sweater 

That sounds about right 

Dad jeans and my ugly sweater 

My ugly sweater 

Dad jeans and my ugly sweater 

That sounds about white


I be bilbo and swaggins I’m lord of the bling 

Catch me digging I’m sagging im rocking out in these jeans

I be just flipping and bragging  you knowing my team

Ugly sweater Im tagging I be getting that cheese

No literally I be just getting the cheese 

Ran in  Sams and I’m bagging cause they aint checking ID 

Thats how it goes when I’m snacking I be all up in these streets 

Dude really what happened my kids are up in the streets 

Now Im trying to catch em getting the things that  i need 

My ugly sweater be matching thats all that i need  

sons-lyrics.rtf kj52 & Goldinchild
8 song album
"Sons of Intellect"
23.5 KB


Blame it on the hip hop ft. Jered Sanders

written by: J. Sorrentino, J. Marlowe, J. Sanders  

produced by: Theory Hazit 

mixed by: Braille 

mastered by: Bulwark Mastering

cuts: Dj Aslan



came in the 80s but born in the 70’s 

raised on radio rakim and  eric B 

chuck d and BDP that was my therapy 

blasting in my headphones to hear what they telling me  

but apparently currently all i’ll ever see 

is running from these bullies in the hood trying to get at me

late nights scaring me gun shots a melody 

came up dead last kind of like the letter z

and all my neighbors got a felony

and all my teachers do is yell at me

but I don’t know where in hell i’d be 

if Jesus didn’t step in and kick the sin out of me

i found a recipe and remedy  

so rest in peace to every little piece of the older me  

so when it’s over and ya bury me  

leave the mic in my hand so i died as an emcee 


if my hat’s to the left you can blame it on the hip hop 

if I got a way that I step you can blame it on the hip hop

and if I keep my kicks fresh you can blame it on the hip hop 

if my life is so blessed you can blame it on the hip hop 

if its still about lyrics blame it on the hip hop 

if your raps I don’t feel it blame it on the hip hop 

and if i still wanna kill it blame it on the hip hop 

Father Son and the Spirit they be reigning in my hip hop


goldin child:

born in the 80s raised in the 90s 

grew up on that Wu-tang slang and straight grimy 

find me in the cipher spitting freestyles 

emcees all around like a swarm of killer bees 

protect your neck bars are sharp like killer teeth 

claim you got game son I got skill 

sure you pop steel when you cop that deal 

you is not real and my crew does not feel 

these studio thugs cause the block is too real 

the truth was revealed when the blood got spilled 

aggression pressing wrong buttons stop fronting 

top and cutting to the bone home sharpen rhymes 

microphone firearms stay out of harms way 

lyrical bullets watch what God say when I pull it 

no ducking just busting goldin tongue flow smooth on percussion 

rip through your tissue hit you direct in your heart muscle 

in the midst of the struggle you say uncle 

you’ve overpowered by a circumstance 

we advance forward never quit be here to the end of it 

remember this Ak when I spit like this you can blame it on the hip hop 




jered sanders:


I been around it bro,

Way before the lobes knew of the rocks or Rolls,

Betty Crocker though, use it for pasta bowls,

The pros spewing to lock and load,

Cock the four, flu game, get a shot for those,

Just another slight, cocky male, 

rocking over beat box battles and cafeteria acapelles,

You could prolly tell back when I was prolly 12, 

I was a number one chief rocka, popping my lapel,

Head knocking over Rock The Bells, 

switching accents, to track suits, Applejack and a blocky cell,

Scarface, Hugh Heffy with a few models, 

some Esco, Big Poppa, and a lotta L,

Only Mac I knew, coming wit gun powder,

And spitting a lot of babble outta one tower,

But I ain’t worried about a God MC, 

cause the God, JC got the globe and He runs ours,




Clap it up ft. Selah the Corner 

written by: J. Sorrentino, N. Martinez, J. Marlowe 

produced by: MarvMobeats

mixed by: Braille 

mastered by: Bulwark Mastering

cuts: Dj Morphiziz 



heres a few rhyme schemes for the rhyme fiends 

i die daily so the flesh is a crime scene 

he won’t fail me I’m blessed now that I  seen 

more eyes get open  than 30 bottles of the visine 

yeah I flow dirty but I rhyme clean 

plus I look thirty but move like I’m 19

pick up the mic to proclaim it about my king  

I’m same dude same crew since the nine three

you on the internet taking shots at my team 

log off take the plank out ya eye beam 

you can’t seen man ya lost in the high beams 

plus your theology’s probably worse than ya hygiene 

why me im a crime fiend

yet you saved me you provide for my dreams  

man its crazy you provide for my peace

Im amazed where I came from since Im free 


If your living for the King gone clap it up

if your life is truly free gone clap it up 

if you know who we be gone clap it up 

gone clap it up we gone clap it up it’s time to clap it up 



I be spitting them life bars, so witty 

we fam I feel at home in yo city 

the pearly gates await so if death comes 

its like p-diddy present day its no biggie 

i know you feel the same way 

send a man to know God my one wish no ray j 

I’m a trip no vacay its friday no day day 

somebody radio mayday kj I jk look

i just tell them about the risen life, 

i found color in the light prism life 

and ex cons never walk up in the studio 

cuz they always saying the bars kind of like prison life 

time now clock on the wrist-zay

to be the illest at my job no sick day 

all day yahweh we boom bap it up 

yeah we about to wrap it up click click clap it up 



yeah i spit for the truth so hold your applause fam

fortune and fame and why I follow God man 

and honestly I don’t know if I got fans 

cause Christ is the way and he teach me how to walk fam 

banging beats ever since i had a walkman

headphones bumping that sound of the God-man

the one who’s light shines bright in the darkness 

freeing those souls from the system that were lost in 

controlled by the hands of the powers that be 

and i refuse to let the beast start devouring me 

yeah I’m not just a barcode in your numbering scheme 

keep my hands to the skies eyes fixed on Elohim 

the blood of Christ be reside in me 

its like a beacon of light that stays guiding me 

remove the scales from my eyes so that I can see 

that his voice is the truth I can hear it when he speaks..












I’m good 

written by: J. Sorrentino, J. Marlowe 

produced by: Dom Gibbs

mixed by: Braille

mastered by: Bulwark Mastering


my alarm start going off at 545 

i can barely open up my eyes hit the snooze a couple times 

hear my kids in the kitchen 

fix a bowl of cheerios 45 minutes till we hit the rood 

let the baby sleep until we about to leave 

change the diaper and put her in the car seat 

tell dayanna malachi leia jay

all i gotta say is daddy loves your more every day 

me and K got that rap dad swag 

mini van rap sound checking w/ a diaper bag 

cats be like “aint you almost 40 now?”

how you still gonna call yourself the goldin child 

with a wife a 3 bedroom house and 3 shorties now

but you know I’m still nice w/ that freestyle 

meanwhile still learning how to be a dad 

baby in my arms banging beats on them drum pads


when they ask me how Im living say “yeah im good”

and its only cause he risen k? “yeah Im good”

in case I forgot to mention well “yeah Im good” 

yeah you know I’m good I’m good 

might be going through my stress but “yeah Im good”

every day I’m so blessed what “yeah Im good”

so i aint worried about the rest cause “yeah Im good” 

you know I’m good.. I’m good 




my day starts at 6am when I clear the phelgm 

I help my wife out the door cause she’s late again 

feet hit the floor grab the coffee pour it in 

out  the door to the car then I hop on in  

I put the baby in the car seat help him in  

free styling w/ these old beats take a pen 

writing down the ideas when I walk on in 

“ah its great to see you..” how you doing man 

drop him off hit the church then im rolling in 

I read a little pray a little talk to God again 

im in the middle of a issue and i’m stressing it 

but its really kind of little so I rest in Him 

i found a calm right there to my restlessness 

plus I finally really know who my blessing is 

and understand now just what he gives  

it’s just another day in the life that i live 



Not really ft. B. Cooper

written by: J. Sorrentino, B. Cooper, J. Marlowe 

produced by: Achim for preppy beats 

mixed by: Braille

mastered by: Bulwark Mastering 



now you never get old if the flow stay’s  timeless 

this is the utmost now for his highness

he is the plus though  to all of my minus  

hope I touch souls like a brush and a stylus 

so when I bust flows I hope that rhyme is  

like a punch to the nose burns a hole in yo sinus  

and then it goes to take the crust out ya eyelids 

and it hits like a tidal wave to crush all your islands 

plus they rush into violence

so me and GC we like paul into silas 

been gone a whole lot of time and 

but I aint even old just got a whole lot of mileage

cue up the violins while I survey the landscape 

i eint even worried what ya man say

man makes plans but man makes the plans break

thats why most y’all aint even worth my hand shake

i had to learn to make the plans wait

then crack it open like a clam bake

so even if I’m older than my fanbase 

all of this is God aint nothing of it man made  


oh you got a big car nah man not really

oh your a big star nah man not really

you do a lot of drugs nah man not really 

bet ya pack a lot of guns nah man not really 


b. cooper: 


I asked him what you want a verse about he said he wanted murder 

massacre the instrumental till your name gets heard of 

give them that original I aint talking wurthers 

synonymous w/ the hip hop like in and out w/ burger 

follow suit thought my career would go further 

next up a whole generation of turner 

what you drive what your bank account worth bruh 

where you live do you pop our the burners 

no sir I’m a 9-5 worker 

spent my life searching just trying to find purpose 

give em bars like they trying to find service 

and inside every verse tell them life’s worth it 

does that mean that I’m perfect 

not close but the difference is that I’m working 

backpack rap I aint talking hershel 

this is heart and soul follow the flow to the church is 


goldin child

man hold it this microphone’s a pulpit now 

gold is back competition start folding 

what’s in me greater than what’s in you 

w/ these razor sharp rhymes that will cut your crew 

convictions the reason your uncomfortable 

the honest truth is I aint gonna front for you 

I’m coming through backed up w/ a hundred troops 

this old school veteran w/ some new recruits 

like the camouflage squad scuffed timberland boots 

my God’s more powerful than the guns you shoot 

yeah I been in your projects and seen the proof 

these angels of war camped on the roof 

and I’m telling yall cats dont take it as a joke 

cause right about now man I’m half past broke 

for those that think I’m in the booth flapping my jaws 

best believe its the truth that I’m rapping for yall.. 






written by: J. Sorrentino, J. Marlowe

produced by: Kj52 & Andy Sheridan 

mixed by: Goldin child

mastered by: Bulwark Mastering

upright bass: Greg Wickstrom 



I’m on a lonely walk trying to be tony hawk

skating past the little spot where my homie fought 

ask my parents for the sneaks that my homie got 

but we barely speak at all I aint home a lot 

cuz every hour every week I just rode the block 

little skate rat got a dollar in my only sock 

skate back to store for a soda pop

I’m in the  mall food court with my friends a lot  

sneaking out at night sometimes we getting caught

speeding on my bike like up and down the block  

I call this girl I like I think she kind of hot 

But will she call me back that’s my only thought 

Wrong place wrong time almost got me shot 

By a cop rolling by at the dealer shop

But I skate away I’m never getting caught 

Watch it fade to grey and this I thought 


I was on my grind grind grind grind grind 

you can find me all the time time time time time 


goldin child: 

cats went from skate or die to skateboarding aint a crime 

even though sometimes crime and skateboard coincide 

i was on that 180 heel flip to a backside tail slide 

better stick the landing right 

around that time the scene went from punk rock to hip hop 

started spitting rhymes in the skate shop 

felt like i was in the midst of a renaissance

when culture collide and give birth to a new time 

back then i was blind chasing girls 

had a split from the world industry 

flip mentalities got real spit fire for the king 

the original vision Christ was never plan b 

life changed when a switch stance kick flip to rail slide 

broken growth plate shattered tail bone 

put my board away started picking up a microphone 

since that day you could say i was on my… 



I used to kick flip to grind now I kick flip the rhyme 

Got  mind on my money and the money on my mind 

But my money is a dime and that aint helping me to shine 

contemplating crime just to help me get by 

But I can’t see the time and I can’t seem to find 

a little peace of mind and I can’t seem to climb 

out the route and I doubt that I’ll ever see a sign 

that will help me get out of this mess now of mine

 but I’m lost until the cross came in to shine

in came divine light to invade the blind

in came in the time that my life hit rewind 

and it’s only cause Christ that I came in the vine 

 came into find a whole change in design  

he gave is mine and he came to find 

me when I was lost and I can’t wait to fly  

him in the sky but until that time.. 




One shot, one click

written by: J. Sorrentino, J. Marlowe

produced by: Theory Hazit 

mixed by: Goldinchild

mastered by: Bulwark Mastering 


one shot two shot three shot four 

five shot six shot seven shot pour 

 face down on the floor 

said this was it but you back now for more 


hate what you do to the them 

hate how you took my friends and turned them into hooligans 

hate you ruined them nothing i could do for them 

they called you many names but that was just a psuedonym

nobody clued them in they was never listening 

red eyes pale skin body shake twitching then   

dead eye pale face sweaty skin glistening 

fell straight headlong to the spell you put on them

another sip another hit under the grip of sin 

take another trip drift away and come back again  

you ride the wave to the grave till it’s crashing in 

life is a game plus a gift but don’t cash it in 

the ropes around your neck man I see it tightening 

chains around your leg man i see you fighting it 

you’re like the walking dead every single night and then

I pray you find some life in Him now before the light is dim 



goldin child: 

Yeah I hate what you do to me 

imitation of the real thing always fooling me 

honestly it seems like you're constantly pursuing me 

claimed to possess beauty but it's costume jewelry 

started with a look with a touch with a taste 

you always had the same name just with a different face

feels like I can't leave your sites and find escape

like you hide and wait late nights when I'm wide awake 

swear that you're sweet leave me with a bitter taste 

full of shame and disgrace returning to a fallen state 

emptiness sets in and it's more than I can take 

to the point I feel sick and my body starts to shake 

my flesh starts controlling me feel it all over me 

like its digging in its claws refusing to let go of me 

Christ you're the hope in me remove this debauchery

pornography by any other name is still pornography


one click two click three clicks four 

five click six click 7 clicks more 

keep this a secret make sure to lock the door 

feel so defeated im addicted to this porn




Barber Shop Talk ft. Izzy Serious, Juk 

written by: J. Sorrentino, J. Marlowe, R. Ramos, J. Krotov

produced by: Marv Mo beats 

additional arrangement/production: kj52

mixed by: Goldinchild 

mastered by: Bulwark Mastering

beatbox: Rubox 



now I’m going to the barber shop rolling through a parking lot

Try to find a parking spot hopping out I park and walk

hoody on my head got me looking kind of hard to spot 

when I’m walking down the block the lady wanna call the cops 

rolling past these dudes all they do is push the  rock 

the packs they move got them twisted like the hardest knot 

but for the moment I need  a trim right up off the top 

edge up on the back and a fade up on the sides I got 

I’m rolling past the cats they wanna call the shots 

I know they keep a lil something tucked up in they sock 

I’m working at the church right up at the farthest block 

I seen the worst of the worst but really I aint gonna stop 

The thought occurs to me need a cut start to walk 

I see this dude I say what up stand then I sort of nod 

he was acting kind of rude but really I just blew it off 

got no time for attitude im finally all up in the spot  


I said what up nothing How you living cousin

hey yo Whats good up in the spot why don’t you tell something 

He said “im just steady cutting while they steady fronting”

another day another dollar while im steady hustling 


see im popping in walking in sitting down

just an average hood spot bad side of town 

I’m only whiteboy in spot so I  don’t make a sound 

one guy on the xbox the other dude is talking loud 

he makes a move and then he  starts to clown 

the one dude takes it to the hoop and then he breaks him down 

I’m staring at these dudes waiting for it to settle down

looking at these grooves up in the roof these people hang around then..




tell your moms we drop bombs on these prima donnas 

aint no rock stars don’t wanna hear you scream and holler 

hip hop scholars me and K gone bring it proper 

you wack cats popping collars steady chasing dollars 

don’t even bother spitting one line we not impressed 

aint nothing fresh just another carcass speaking death 

no life inside your rhymes your reciting eulogies

call me the coroner embalming emcees  fluidly 



izzy serious: 


I’m from a place where the preachers rarely walk the streets 

Everybody knows who did the robbery but never speak

The police, stay serving and protecting 

their benefactors while we blessing God for being our protection 

You can find Christ where the lepers and the lames at

Homeless, shootin’ dice, sippin’ on a bottle of warm ‘Yak

I tell’em heaven’s ya home black, you should know that

then spit a dope rap, then I’m out with a cold dap

I’m baring my cross while yours is for the shine

Mine comes with a crown of thorns and pierced open side

Check the scriptures kid the science is divine

I believe evolution is God’s intelligent design 

So I create and spitfire like a circus act

Some clowns got record deals and don’t get close to that

While I rip scriptures for forgiveness in the barber shop

Where it’s five for the shape up 20 to touch the top




I’m a hip-hop biographer Battling the Apocrypha

Follow the wood-worker In Boston, that’s the Car(a)penter(a)

I was bred and read up on Biggie and 2pac and them

Studied the greats Met up with grace

And-produced this document

Race used to bother me Social issues and lobbying

But now I’m dead-to-my-opinion

 On-the-Rock like Sean Connery

In a sick economy  Vivid with pornography

I pivot like Paul And-offer-up-Jesus, risen, bodily 

We the children of pottery Created with knowledge 

You could never go to college to retrieve Cause it’s Godly 

Used to smoke Ports, man Like Natalie 

Course then God got at me  Awesome He honored me 

Pardoned me Now I’m a re Al new creature To feature

No respect needed You can give that to Aretha

I gave up my rights so I could live life for Jesus

My Savior The righteous King So just believe, ya’ll 






what if 

written by: J. Sorrentino, J. Marlowe

produced by: Knadelus 

mixed by: Braille 

mastered by: bulwark mastering 

audio clip: Dr Adrian Rogers of Love Worth Finding Ministries 



Who am I ? im just the spikes of the thorn bush 

That the soldiers picked up now as if to push

Into a crown as they headed out just in a rush  

To push it down up on his skull as they went to shove

Him in the crowd as I went down just to cut 

The top of his head as the blood now began to gush 

hit him on the side hit him in the gut 

With they fists and a spike now plus a club

And as they hit him w/ the fisticuffs 

the look up in his eyes well it was only love 

looking to the side as they went to pick him up

As he cried in a voice to the sky above 

Father forgive them now just for what they done 

But almost like that was just not enough 

They took a cross then they made him pick it up 

As the crowd screaming  out now for  his blood 


what if well you was standing in the spot like 

what if them crown of thorns they could talk then 

what if man you could see him on the cross then 

what would they say what would they say  


goldin child: 


iron ore forged by the hands of man 

the same hands of man that handed the son of man 

over to the sanhedrin im kept in the satchel of the centurion 

soldier a tool of execution for the romans 

pierced to the flesh of any man who opposes 

imperialism and the rulers who uphold it 

i helped kill and innocent man who spoke w/ boldness 

Jesus pilate found no cause to hold him 

condemned in secret crucified in the open 

and on that cross it was my job to hold him 

klank driven through his wrist and the grain of a wooden plank 

klank and again and again klank 

into the wooden beams i sank 

then of his blood i drank 

tasted redemption and i couldn’t bear the weight.. 









"jonah part two" lyrics/credits Download in text format the lyrics/credits for the new album 24.5 KB

1. Intro

produced by: Dominic Gibbs 

written by: J. Sorrentino, D. Gibbs (DominicRobertGibbs Publishing ASCAP)


so lets rewind then 

back when he was walking w/ blind men 

back when he was falling behind man 

back never knowing a love worth finding  

he was never calling to find Him

he was just going to find sin 

he was so hopeless but right then 

he was changed in a moment found the true friend 

a King his God He took his sin

he was told get in the boat so he climbed in

now a fisher of men now w/ his pen 

to give you the picture of Him when he rhymes man 

he’s been forgiven more than times ten 

and for Him he's been living with all his time spent 

with a purpose he’s been given until his life ends  

he found life when he was lifeless now his life’s His  

a man stood in a pulpit told him what life gives 

he bowed his knee in the bedroom now his life lives 

he was born again now because of that life gift 

thats the truth it changed what his life meant  

now he’s sent he’s got a story to tell 

a man on the radio had a story as well 

He said I’d rather scare you into heaven then lull you to hell

his eyes has seen the glory w/ his soul it is well 

so thank you Dr. Rogers tho you never got to meet  

a 15 year old kid who was lost in the street

his life was changed by the words that you’d speak 

that 15 year old kid that kid was me 


2. Time alone

produced by: Dominic Gibbs

keys/bgvs: Dominic and Madeline Gibbs 

Composer/Author: Juice Bangers 

written by: J. Sorrentino D. Gibbs (DominicRobertGibbs Publishing ASCAP), M. Gibbs, D. Johnson, W. Reeves (Juicebangersmusic ASCAP)

mixed by: Jonny Grande 


I just need some time alone

nobody ring my phone 

can I get some time alone

let me get up in my zone (get up in my zone)


some days I’m an introvert

wanna get away leave this earth

broke down I’m getting worse 

too proud to admit I’m hurt

them days when I get bezerk 

them days when life don’t work 

i fall apart check my heart 

hit restart hit  the dirt 

man I’m a get this work 

but I never seem to finish first 

i need some help from what I’m dealt 

my heart is in a hearse

so mad i fin to curse

that mess i didn’t deserve  

I’m broken choking man

Im a just let you work 


I just need some time alone

nobody ring my phone 

can I get some time alone

let me get up in my zone (get up in my zone)

aint nothing going right but man Im feeling ok

I’m just a mess up in my life im feeling ok 

I got no sleep last night but man Im feeling ok 

they wanna take me down this time  im just like no way 



this life can’t get much worse 

that’s why you came to earth 

your Love and grace I didn’t deserve   

but Lord I’ve been so burnt

man up forgive this hurt

but it never ever seems to work 

the place where this occurred   

Lord it was all up in your church

thats why it’s hurting worse 

they wilding on this earth 

smile up in your face and smirk  

while they stealing from the purse

but I been assured

that’s something I got to learn 

to trust in you that’s  just just what I’ll do   

just while I wait my turn I’m like.. 



I just need some time alone

nobody ring my phone 

can I get some time alone

let me get up in my zone (get up in my zone)

aint nothing going right but man Im feeling ok

I’m just a mess up in my life im feeling ok 

I got no sleep last night but man Im feeling ok 

they wanna take me down this time  im just like no way 



3. You know it 

produced by: Produced by Lamontt “SPEC” Blackshire for Spechouse Media

programmed by: Quinten Coblentz 

additional keys/bgvs: Spec 

written by: J. Sorrentino, Q. Coblentz (Quinten Coblentz Music ASCAP)

mixed by: Jonny Grande 



its like I got a fountain of youth its like I got a fountain of truth 

so right when I’m down in the booth

I got these lines in my mouth 

like the rap was a crack in my tooth

see i was just down for a few 

down for the count but I’m back on the move 

and I don’t know what to do 

but the boy came up like a bouncing balloon

I aint even down w/ ya crew

I aint even down w/ ya  rules

I am just down w/ the truth 

I am just down w/ the proof 

that my Lord ran out of the tomb boom 

stick a bounce in the groove 

like I’m running up and down on the moon

plus I got a mountain to move 

so chew on that like a mouth full of food 


but I’m too old to be feeling this young 

so why quit now when it just begun 

I pray my whole life for this moment 

you know you know you know it


man aint you feeling allright?

you know you know you know you know it

plus its still about Christ 

you know you know you know you know it

you just now living your life 

you know you know you know you know it

well tell them what it just be like 

you know you know you know you know it



22 years in the game 22 years in the game

I am not fearing a thing 

i am not hearing you mane’ 

i am not fearing to change 

they think I’m weird in brain 

they think I’m weird in my lane 

they think I’m weird and Im strange 

but Im never blend in like a tear in the rain 

13 w/ a necklace 

trying to get the cream and a beam and a jeep and a lexus 

and I was so reckless 

running down a dream but never ever seem to posses this 

then I heard a message 

about a God who can turn it all around in direction 

and then I learned the lesson 

now every day the only thing that I count is a blessing


but I’m too old to be feeling this young 

so why quit now when it just begun 

I pray my whole life for this moment 

you know you know you know it


man aint you feeling allright?

you know you know you know you know it

plus its still about Christ 

you know you know you know you know it

you just now living your life 

you know you know you know you know it

well tell them what it just be like 

you know you know you know you know it


God good devil bad 

all i had was a pen and pad 

all i got is the breath I have 

take this life and I give it back 




4. Be like that 

produced by: MarvMoBeats 

written by: J. Sorrentino , M. Glaspie (Marv4MoBeats Music ASCAP) 

mixed by: Braille 

cuts: Dj Morph 



it be like that 

I aint 


first kicked the rhyme flow way back in 9 Fo’ 

ya can’t spell OG w/out the letters GO

anywhere that he go we go see bro  

lined up took a shot at it like a free throw   

first name Jonah last name Sorrentino 

dang that sounds like a jewish gambino 

but nobody would gamble on the kid just like Reno 

got my shot but fell backwards like Neo  

yeah yeah we know thats just what you had to face 

I was on the weak end you can call it saturdays 

get it weak end yeah yeah anyways

kept on speaking w/ any tracks that I had to blaze 

w/out a database I’m going that a ways 

but I knew my Jesus not fame is what I had to chase

glad to say that everyday he always had the way 

and aint a thing changed except my age since back in the day  


it be like that 

I aint stressing when it be like that 

its a blessing when it be like that  

I was knocked down but I’ll be right back 


i went from using tapes there just to run the track

to a world of soundcloud playlist and mumble rap 

i aint saying I hate this man I just state the fact 

you can stay the same adapt or just fade to black 

so all my days I remain just a humble cat 

I bust thru the lines like a psychopathic running back

still got the hat low cross all up on my back

still let these cats know who he is and I aint stopping that  

stop and laugh i seen ya come and go

wrote the first rap stuck at home with a busted nose 

i let words flash kind of like a busted hose 

drop a boulder on the crowd crush a show

man I love it bro I got the greatest job

still one love one God that I’m busting on

you need to ketchup man you got the mustard sauce   

he remains the same even when they gone claim I’m gone 




5. Worldwide 2 ft. Goldinchild 

produced by: MarvMoBeats 

additional production/arrangment/mixing: Goldinchild 

written by: J. Sorrentino, J. Marlowe, M. Glaspie

mixed by: Braille 

cuts: Dj Morph 


it was me and Goldinchild rhyming in the spot

we was a crew at the time plus we getting hot

my group is on the rise plus we fin to pop 

plus we had a demo at the time that we fin to shop 

trying to spit on any mic we get to rock 

from the clubs all the way to the ghetto spot 

in the projects where they would just flip the rock

where they used to hold the bricks kind of like a cinder block

so in between the boos that we get a lot

we be making moves no one is fin to stop 

we rolling on ya crew plus come off the top

two white dudes leaving ya crew all up in a shock 

almost lost my life one night just getting shot 

one night when I was rhyming all up in the spot 

but the only way I’m ever ever gonna stop 

is when my heart quits right there plus the casket drops


worldwide international 

intellect dialect from the spiritual

the original born again miracle 

its worldwide international 


before we surrounded you like longitude and latitude 

K was spitting that mathematical and radical 

now a day 52 travels international 

gold on a local with a vocal that will capture you 

feel like I’m back from a 20 year sabbatical 

cats ignore the truth but swear they kept it factual 

line upon line like Im autobiographical 

pen by the masses saying it’s supernatural 

man listen I aint talking that witchcraft 

no premantion when goldinchild spits that 

raw lyricism when the sprit of pen raps 

arm’s out stretched steady hugging the block man 

we out for the lost army of nameless faces 

we was on stages pushing the rock of ages 

me and K stay moving the crowd

SOI lifestyle never putting the mic down.. 








6. Saw the light (love God love people) ft. Sean Johnson 

produced by:  Lamontt “SPEC” Blackshire for Spechouse Media

programmed by: MarvMoBeats 

written by: J. Sorrentino, M. Glaspie 

mixed by: Braille 


love God love people 


im up in the morning 

jumping on up and im yawning 

see the rain is now pouring 

but im up and Im soaring

i aint worried a moment

i know the one that Im hope in

I know the one that I go with 

he’s my one and my only 

plus when im feeling alone

thats when you guiding me home 

thats when you righting the wrong

thats when you guiding me on 

thats when you gave me this song 

i can not go it my own 

i can’t not make it along

I am weak and your strong 

thats the one thing that ive known 


I saw the light 

I saw the light yeah 

I saw the light saw the light

I saw the light yeah


now i woked up and I hopped in 

flying high in this cockpit 

few times I might lost it

but if I’m small my God’s big 

and stand tall won’t quit 

won’t fall won’t slip 

I’ll go on till it all ends  

cause you hold me up w/ both hands and I said.. 


when I wake up in the morning and take my first breath

I thank God for moment cause I’m so blessed 

I thank God for the times when I’m so stressed

can’t have a testimony if you never had a test 


I saw the light 

I saw the light yeah 

I saw the light saw the light

I saw the light yeah



I woked up and I hopped in

feeling good when I walked in

feeling good cause I call him 

cause he’s the one that i talked with

sometime i might fall quick 

but Im back up and I’m all in 

back up and I’m locked in 

thats the key right there like a locksmith 

its like i hit the lotto 

feels like you own tomorrow 

feels like you know my sorrow 

that road is hollow but i know to follow

you know the motto 

full speed when I hit the throttle

both feet in go to follow  

and I’m living this dream like there’s no tomorrow


when I wake up in the morning and take my first breath

I thank God for moment cause I’m so blessed 

I thank God for the times when I’m so stressed

can’t have a testimony if you never had a test 


I saw the light 

I saw the light yeah 

I saw the light saw the light

I saw the light yeah 


love God love people 



7. He won’t fail me ft. Zauntee

produced by: Lamontt “SPEC” Blackshire for Spechouse Media

written by: J. Sorrentino, Zauntee, L. Blackshire (Spechouse media ASCAP) 

mixed by: Jonny Grande 


He won’t fail me he won’t fail me no 

he won’t fail I know I know he won’t fail me no 



something to nothing 

from nothing to something 

i aint just bluffing or fronting man

hit me like all of sudden 

I was just grinding and hustling

hoping that something was coming 

Im going just wild and Im bugging man

I’m trusting ya covenant 

2 jobs that I’m juggling 

coping and hoping that something was bubbling 

but I started w/ nothing man 

all of my life I was struggling fumbling 

but i saw that you’s coming in 

now I got the upper hand 

and you know that Im loving it 

ever since I found that you had just the better plan 


He won’t fail me he won’t fail me no 

he won’t fail I know I know he won’t fail me no 


Zealot Gang all Glory to God I started a movement

He won’t fail to me, he never fails like a A student 

Put Him first I’m on the fast track

And the Devil never gets the last laugh 

God Taught Me, God’s got me

And He’s got my back like backpack 

Told Him I trusted Him and gave Him my future 

Left that in His hand made a plan then we blew up

People may hate me and want me to screw up

But I’m wit the Zealots you know how we do it

God will never leave my side, makin moves now we movin

Kill religion, find relationship, yuh, aye, and Live the Revolution 



shake off the dust 

I’m a shake off the dust 


I could not take it no mo’

i was just down on on the flo'

thats when walked thru my door

grabbing a hold of my soul 

I know you was making me whole 

this world has taken it’s toll

but you making me grow 

plus you just paving the road 

im taking it slow and I’ll say it some mo’ 

then you changed up the goal 

just like I changed up the flow

that is the reason I go 

that is the reason I roll 

from the deep of the depths of my soul I say.. 







8. All I had ft. Datin 

produced by: Lamontt “SPEC” Blackshire for Spechouse Media

written by: J. Sorrentino, D. Berrios, L. Blackshire (Spechouse Media ASCAP)

mixed by: Jonny Grande 


All i had was Jesus and the family 



they said I had the wrong religion

then they said I made the wrong decision 

I came this far still I”m on a mission 

still I stand behind the bars kind of like I gone to prison 

I’m got a vision now listen my savior gone an risen 

my God is still up on the throne when you wanna diss him 

the old me is dead and gone I aint gonna miss him 

my goal had to subtract just like its long division  

they still think I’m kind of odd  

part time rapper I’m a full time man of God 

you see the rock that that I’m standing on 

all you ever see is the green like it’s camouflage

I got a team and we standing strong 

one hand to you the other hand to God 

been through it all I aint planned to fall 

plus he guides my every move like the dude in avatar 


All i had was Jesus and the family 

y’all aint understand me I aint had a plan b 


they say that God is in the details 

I say that God has taken 3 nails

paid it all up on the cross when he prevailed 

when the devil had locked now but he failed 

what you see here I’m just an eye witness 

so I’m running back to him like the line of scrimmage 

you can’t tell me now now that I’m finished 

but you miss the bars kind of like a blind gymnast 

blind gymnast man you can’t see

i rock it tighter than your pants be 

so if im silent and I can’t speak  

God be speaking all up in my ears like a hands free

you can slam me ban me 

all i  ever got is this never had a plan b

I aint got no limit to his plans b 

all I ever had now was Jesus and the family




all i got in this life is my squad and the mic 

that I use to speak into the darkness when I call on the light 

I got the Holy Spirit my Heavenly Father and Christ 

that I serve with all of my might and I follow despite 

the persecution is promised they say his callings are plight 

but in my past I wasn’t scared of a brawl or a fight 

why would that change now that God has been right 

there beside me fighting my battles demons fall in the sight of my King 

he stands taller than godzilla stands so I’m safe I feel like ann in King Kong’s gorilla hand 

who lied to satan and told him that there is still a chance 

it is written only the army of God will advance 

a plan B would just be man made 

so I’m banking on plan A you know i can’t sway 

in the face of death I’ll worship with my hands raised 

I will give it all for Jesus and my family




9. Birthday 

produced by: Lamontt “SPEC” Blackshire for Spechouse Media

bgvs: Spec and Madeline Gibbs 

written by: J. Sorrentino, L. Blackshire (Spechouse Media ASCAP) 

mixed by: Jonny Grande 


i wanna hop in the new whip 

drop the top hit the spot w/ my two friends

I wanna hang w/ the cool kids 

but all i ever rock is a car w/ the two rims 

every day I pursue Him 

he got the clues to the rules of the blueprint 

and I’m a move till the groove ends  

can i get a little cake w/ the cool whip

cause every day is a birthday

thats why i need grace in the worst way

I run the race to the first place 

brand new like the first day of the first grade 

and Im a live it up 

and anything holding me back there I’m a give it up 

I can’t get enough 

and i aint quitting up till im finished up man get em up 


living everyday like it’s my birthday woah oh (woah oh)

woah oh (woah oh)


i want more love and less hate 

I want more give and less take 

more real and some less fake

and i know that my best strength 

is in you even when I got less faith 

from the worst to the best day  

im a celebrate no matter what the rest say

no matter if i get hate

Im a proclaim the name thats the best name

cause i wasn’t in the best space 

walk around like a head case 

and i didn’t have the best faith 

thats when you showed up in the best way 

some nights I got no rest 

some nights  i was so stressed 

but i woke up man so blessed 

i was hopeless but I know where the hope is


I’m too old to be feeling this young 

man I’m feeling so young 

got me feeling so young 

cause everyday is a birthday 


10. Savage ft. Canon 

produced by: Poetics 

written by: J. Sorrentino, C. Sherrill 

mixed by: Jonny Grande 



that boy that boy that boy that boy savage 


might just roll away on a roller blade at old parade 

might rock an old beret w/ a tat of a cat on my shoulder blade 

might start a whole new wave white boy rappers that are old and gray 

i might …. I don’t even know what I was gonna say  

I might take ya chic fil eat a bite right in front of you and throw it away 

I might take your drink away take ya mt dew dump it in the drain 

and if you beating me right there on a PSP that I go to play    

im a hit reset start up a whole new game I’m like savage.. 


that boy that boy that boy that boy savage 


right back in the day I wanna blow up real quick like an old grenade 

i didn’t know the way to go and i was lost real good didn’t know the name 

thought I would go insane Im just a kid in the hood that was thrown away 

but ya stepped in real quick real quick I gave my soul away 

so now with no delay im a let em all know when i show the way 

they aint gonna hit the j just get high blow the smoke away 

the God i serve I know first hand that he’ll just go to save 

and thats savage what we gonna say