Over the 20 years of doing music full time I've accumulated a lot of unique experiences, my hope and desire with this book is to have a conversation with you about some of my greatest  triumphs, joys and  failures.  "Victory Lap" is a compilation of true stories from my childhood, music, songs, touring and more.

Imagine what would be running through your mind as you ran a "victory lap"... you would think back on all the ups and down that got you to the place of winning the race. Picture you and I sitting in a room telling story after story about every aspect of my experiences.  Ever wanted to know the backstory on a song?  Ever wanted to know my perspective on a issue?  Ever wanted to hang out with me for an hour and have me share my knowledge and wisdom I've learned from a life of music and ministry?  This book is for you.

Each song on the album is inspired by a chapter from the book in order to help you experience exactly what I was feeling when I was going through that moment.  This being my second auto-biographical book I wanted to allow fans the opportunity to leave quotes, pick questions and to have their name in the credits.

This book/EP is funded by the fans, inspired by the fans and written for the fans!

Thank you so much for your support throughout the years, you make what I do possible.