One day after leaving boxing my son he leaned over to me and said "Dad you should do a new album called kj52 vs jonah.. you should talk about what your life is like now as a pastor compared to what it used to be like as kj52"  

   Out of the mouth of babes they say.. 

   I've been collecting and remaking/remixing some of my old classics over the last year along with continuing to find new inspiration in the season I'm now in (full time church ministry).  This currently became a reality when I partnered with Niko "the hybrid" Price for his UFC walk in song on the Conor McGregor fight card.  

   Every time I've tried to get away from who I am I've found myself pulled right back to where I started.  The mission remains the same all these years later: using hip hop to reach people with the power of the Gospel.

   These songs are a collection of where I'm at, where I've been and where I'm going.  Thank you so much for partnering with me on this.. you're the most faithful group of fans a middle aged pastor/rapper could ever ask for.

   One Love, One God, One Way.

   Kj52 x Jonah