"Jonah" album press release  


KJ52 goes independent with Pledgemusic funded album Jonah 

January 25, 2017 – Cape Coral, FL 

Multiple Dove-Award winning rapper and Guinness World Record holder for Freestyle Rapping Jonah Sorrentino, (aka KJ-52) has released his first independent album, Jonah, after reaching over 200% of his Pledgemusic goal.   After ten full-length label releases and (number) albums sold, the Florida-based artist has elected to release this, his most personal work, directly to fans himself. 

He explains, “I’m coming off two years of the hardest choices I’ve faced financially, spiritually and career-wise.  I feel renewed from a creative stand point and feel like I’m in the best place Ive been in years. My workload has doubled but my passion for what I do is 7000 times higher.” 

True to the precedent he set very early in his career, KJ presents spiritual truth with clever rhymes, from a unique perspective.  Only this time he does it with a vulnerability previously unheard.  And at the core is one central message: a higher power will go before you, through all stages of life, through every up and down, if you are willing to believe. 

“The best way to describe Jonah, is like this: Take an old trusty Macbook Pro (thats me), and add several current software updates.  This album is a transparent look at my life, looking back, looking forward and looking inward.  It’s everything my fans love about me in an updated package.” 

Jonah is available wherever digital music is sold.  KJ-52 has been nominated for sixteen Dove Awards, winning six.  He has toured with/opened for some of the biggest names in hip-hop, politics, entertainment, and culture.  He is best known for the personal song written to Eminem, “Dear Slim” (as featured on MTV and VH1), Sorrentino is now booking dates at festivals, colleges, churches, and clubs worldwide.  His first single, “Hold On (featuring Curt Anderson) is set to impact Rock and CHR Formats January 27, 2017. 

For press inquiries: kj52press@gmail.com 

For radio inquiries: kj52radio@gmail.com 

For touring and general inquiries: kj52@kj52.com


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