/ by The Paradigm Collective

#WorkoutWednesday ft. @mattmuller20 @mitchmuller


How easy is it to get distracted? We have so much social media buying for our attention these days it’s easy just to be distracted on that strength alone…

Our attention spans are getting shorter… And our focus is becoming less and less. Conversations are now conducted in 140 characters and yet we still feel that it’s too much.

With all these things fighting for attention it’s very easy to get distracted for the more important things. How much time have we spent on her Facebook versus cultivating our relationship with God?

God gave us is 100% attention he deserves the same… The question is are we willing to admit that we’re distracted? Technology is great but when technology distracts us from the bigger things it’s not worth it.

Today take the time to shut off your phone, to get away with God and to connect with him on a real level!