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Second chances.. (What we deserve vs. what we get)

The look on my 3 year olds face was priceless as he proceeded to explain how he had chucked moms iphone5 into the toilet… He sort of stood there with a look of “it’ll be ok… I can still watch max and ruby right?”

We proceeded to wipe it off.. Hair dry it.. Etc whatever it took to remedy the situation but it didn’t matter the thing was broken. Frustration said in and we realize that tomorrow I have to go get a brand-new iPhone.

However I woke up to a perfectly working iPhone! For some reason the iPhone had fixed itself… Screen went from completely not functioning to back to normal.

Rather than getting what we had to get, we got a second chance. To me this is such a perfect picture of what we deserve versus what we get.. We deserve to have judgment on us we deserve to be separated from God we deserve to be objects of God’s wrath instead we get Grace.

Grace is simply defined as unmerited favor.. In the midst of our sinfulness God steps in with unmerited favor and forgiveness. This is the very difference between getting what we deserve versus getting what we get.

Have you reached out for this? Have you reached out for God’s forgiveness? It Can start brand-new today .. Simply start by talking to Him and asking him for this.

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