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Workout Wed: @mattmuller20 @mitchmuller (eat less work more?)

One thing I find that is so important is what I eat. When I first started trying to lose weight I thought the answer was working out harder and starving myself more… When I failed to shed the pounds I got more frustrated. It makes sense right? Eat less work harder.. Wrong! The reality is that that’s not the way your body works. The best way to shed weight is to work harder and eat right … Not less.

This parallels so many things in our spiritual life… The word of God is our food correct? And yet we usually take the same approach eat less of the word but work harder for God.

It’s the Martha versus Mary principle..

(Luke 10:38-42)

One of them did a lot for Jesus and the other one sat at his feet.. One of them was frustrated and the other one was filled. Which one will you be today?

www.mindsetfitness.net (check them out for tips on nutrition faith and much more)