When u can't talk u sure do listen better.. / by The Paradigm Collective

Over the last 2 days I’ve had the wonderful experience of nasal congestion that became chest congestion that then became throat congestion…

When it became throat congestion it basically forced me to have to not talk (which is basically what I do for a living set to a beat…) and which forced me to do a lot more listening and observing (which we could all learn to do better). Basically I’ve spent the last 3 days in a blurred state of medication, driving, bad weather and sleep deprivation experiments done upon myself for scientific purposes.

So it’s forced me to notice a few thing I’d like to share u good peoples of cyberspace… Check em out and see if u agree:

Random observ

-Washington Dulles airport is laid out like DMV… Long.. Winding.. Innefficient and no real reward when u finally reach the end of the line.. Good job us govt. way to be efficient!

-why everytime I tell a stranger I do music for a living they assume I’m a Dj or a producer? Can’t I be a rapper once?

-they only way to convince me to take more mucinex is to convinc myself they are candy… Except there is no soft chocolate shell and no sugar rush.. Ah well.

-u listen more when u can’t talk and/or sound like yoda.. Maybe this is a good thing.

-people want u to talk more for some reason when u can’t talk.. Can’t u see I can’t talk? Oh I guess not since I can’t tell you… Argghhhh..

-rain is cool.. Cold is cool… rain and cold isn’t cool.

-black fitted ny yankee fitted plus black hoodie makes me feel like one bad dude… Awww yeah.

-why is so hard to pray and read when I’m sick?

-3am is brutal to wake up @ whether u had enuff sleep or not… Rawr.

-why does everyone ask when I’m sick if I got swine flu? Maybe I have parakeet flu?