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Tweezy text blog

Hey y’all it’s kj52..

It is so disgustingly early it just doesn’t feel right trying to connect words together in a coherent manner but I’m going to try anyway.. My son is currently trying to balance himself on a chair while he somehow managed to get a little girls barbie play cellphone (if I find out who gave it to him.. It’s on like donkey kong). The dumb phone keeps playing “sparkle power” over and over and this exaberated by the fact that I had 4 hrs of sleep last night.. Not fun.

But on the other hand I feel immensly positive about the fact I now currently have 12 songs recorded for the new kj lp “52 television”.. Now comes the hard part.. Trying to piece together the songs is kind of draining.. I know God will give me what I need but this part of the process is a bit grating.

Alas.. Here is a few things that have gotten me thru this week:

-boston market

… Mmmmm.. Turkey (nuff said)

-the police greatest hits

I’ll just say it.. Best stuff sting has done… Simple as that.

-rocking my son to sleep

Dad of the year award? All signs point to yes..

-Dunkin donuts coffee

With the recession causing most of us to tighten the belt.. Me and the wifey have found that 3 trips to starbucks a day may be a lil’ financially taxing.. So I’m homebrewing, got a starbucks gold card and I’m currently working a 2nd job @ perkins (well all except the last statement).

-the office tv show

”..so sorry big tuna if you don’t why that’s awesome then you need awesome lessons..” -andy bernal

My son is now in the rice pit in porch now.. I better attend to him before he shoves rice in the couch.

-check me out Monday @ 830est @ www.mogulus.com/kj52 for a live video chat.