Things that make me go hmmmm.. / by The Paradigm Collective

I’m currently 40k feet in the air and contemplating some stuff that Ive seen as I’m flying home to ft misery aka ft myers fl.

These are my hmmmmmmm type thoughts:

-the baconator: Apparently wendys has decided that they can contribute to the death of Americans that much quicker by stuffing them with a half pound of bacon in a sandwhich.. Do we really need this much bacon? I mean @ what point do we not just blowtorch a pig and put it on a fork with a bun on it’s back? Realistically I got no prob with that much piggie.. It’s the name that bothers me.. The baconator? Is that mean it’s a bacon + terminator? Or are you terminating bacon? Is the bacon terminating you? Why not call it the colonator cuz it’s gonna terminate ya colon.. Just my opinion..

Buddy toilets:

If you haven’t seen the picture of this go to and you’ll see what I mean.. But I literally walked in and it was 2 toilets, 2 sinks right next to each other with no divider? Is that if you get lonely? I’m sorry.. I don’t ever want to get to be that good of friends with anyone.. Just my opinion..

Slumdog millionaire: Awesome movie.. That’s basically it.

Mars hill church peasant princess podcast series:

Incredible series by mark driscoll out of Seattle on marriage,dating, resolving conflict and cherishing your significant other.. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who’s dating/married.

Going on a cash only budget:

Talk about making you have to realize what your wasting/spending on and how it’s so important to be a good steward if your money.. (darn you recession and your wisdom teaching ways..).. Can’t I just buy whatever I want? Don’t I need bright blue Nike air max 95s???? What about my needs?

Michael mcdonald:

What is with my obsession with all things blue eyed soul? I can’t seem to get michael mcdonalds big haired voice out my head.. “this is it” w/ kenny loggins “what a fool believes” w/ the doobie bros “peg” w/ steely dan.. This dude is everywhere! It didn’t help that Kirk franklin covered his song and that was the theme song for this sat. Show.. Get outta my head michael!

Yes I’m random.. Yes I’m weird… And yes that’s why you love me.