Relevance? Age? Nothing but a number.. / by The Paradigm Collective

I was discussing the significance of the fact that a 40 year old rapper is about to come out with a highly anticipated album and the idea that hip hop in and of itself is really growing up.

The reality of this really hit me as I stood in line waiting for my flight out of Washington dc and looking over and seeing a grown man with a “got swag?” tshirt on… Mind you this was not a kid with saggin’ drawers and and a white tee on.. This could be someones dad! Lol.

I thought this might be an isolated incident and then looked down @ a 40 something with an LRG tshirt.. I can still remember when wearing ecko was considered an undergroud rapper’s gear.. Now I routinely see 50 somethings with ecko on (of course maybe this is why I don’t wear ecko anymore..)

I guess it’s either that age gap is changing or grown ups aren’t really “growing up”.. I say that last statement in jest as “growing up” is a real relative term these days.. I thoroughly plan on crushing my kid @ video games when he gets older.

What does that mean in relation to walking out this thing in “Jesus”? I think the biggest thing is that gen x, gen y and millenials all have way more in common then ever.. With this technological world we live in we should run towards technology and culture.. Not run away and bury our heads in the proverbial church sand.

In my opinion it’s a great day to be alive… Thank you Jesus for life!