My 2009 recap... / by The Paradigm Collective

2009 my recap:

This year was probably the most up and down year I’ve had in a long time… I originally intended to write a verse that was summing up the headlines of the year but scrapped it when I found out Skillz hit all the same topics… arrrrrggghhhhh…

Either way in retrospect I’m just gonna let my thoughts spill out.. it’s currently 2am and my body clock refuses to reset… apparently I’m awake @ all the wrong times and sleepy @ all the right ones… what a year as I look back on it.  It has literally been the year where I’ve had hit the restart button on a ton of junk and seen stuff that I’ve prayed and dreamed of come to pass (all in one year crazy right?).

I’ve seen multiple close friends go through some of the worst times (divorces, deaths, financial loss etc..) that had me shedding tears and prayers for them… feeling quite hopeless on what I could tangibly do and then on the flipside I’ve seen the opposite for multiple friends (remarriages, financial peace, births, reconciliations etc..).  I was able to travel pretty extensively and also learn a thing or two about trusting God when the bottom falls out of everything…  here’s my ups and downs of this year.

My year:


I ended up getting stuck in a situation where me and the wife were staring down some scary financial circumstances that really had nothing to do w/ me or her… unfortunately due to actions of others we were shoved into a spot that was a bit scary… God came thru in so many ways and I’m happy to say that we may be in one of the best spots we’ve been @ in a long while… without going into a huge detail let’s just say God is faithful and He does provide.. you only really see that when you’re thrust into a situation of total dependence..

It has increasingly been tougher to do what I do in a struggling music biz/economy but the irony is that w/ every slammed shut door another one (that usually is even better) has opened… all I can say is that the body of Christ is incredible in the way they provide.. stuff I couldn’t imagine has totally came together w/ out me even having to lift a finger… GOD PROVIDES!


This year marked the year of a lot of change for me… seeing relationships change and not always because of sin/problems/issues but simply because of time… I value the friends and the people that God has brought to me… its sad sometimes when those relationships change but the only thing I can really count on to stay constant is change… On a side note I got to attend a remarriage ceremony of an old friend this summer .. in this era of so many living w/ the sting of divorce it was encouraging to see that people can reconcile and make things work… it was a good day that day.


I dropped my 6th solo record this year… crazy to think that I’ve been able to make it this long and yet I feel more relevant and connected then ever… not that I’m boasting in myself its just good to know that when you commit to a goal and go @ it wholeheartedly w/ the passion of Christ it’s amazing to see that I can be achieved.  W/ so many strikes making it hard to be an artist these days I’ve seen more ministry take place then ever before.  10 years full time and I’m just now seeing goals that I set years ago come to pass… its amazing to see what God can really do.  I’m not sure what 2010 holds but I have to believe it’s something dynamic and amazing… I’m ready to grind Lord!


Me and the wifey celebrated 11 years of marriage this year…. Crazy right?  I look back on some of the pics over the years and can’t believe how far we’ve come… my son is growing like a weed and never ceases to crack me up w/ his statements.  I think this was the first year I really began to understand what it means to not just be a Dad but a Father and Husband … so much more that goes into those titles… it’s a privlege to wear them.


I’ve struggled and grown in multiple areas this year.. can’t exactly explain what that means but I think it was all summed up in what ran thru my mind last night.  I was wrestling/praying thru some issues as I laid in bed… I find I do these “prayer naps” these days… it’s almost like I hit a point of exhaustion but know that I need to go to God in prayer… I usually end up passing out in some of the most fitfull sleeps I ever have and wake up feeling better.  Last night as I went in and out of sleep I kept struggling over and over w/ a particular issue and fell asleep… I woke minutes later almost laughing @ how trivial my issues were.  The peace of God dealt w/ me in such a way that I was able to see how absolutely ridiculous my issues were… I think that I think too much..

Hope you’re 2010 brings huge things…

Ya boy…