Monday Mixtape verse / by The Paradigm Collective

Kj52 Freeverse (6 Foot 7 Inst) by Jonah Sorrentino Listen on Posterous

So when it comes to the rhyme it aint forcefed 

i got lines like larry kings forehead

i drop dimes that grab hold like some forceps  

till your nodding up and down kind of like a horsehead

so of course its the 52 on the mic 

banging all up on the drum like he’s meg white 

 you can get yolked up ran out like an egg white 

frozen like a deer or a doe up in my headlights


so when i said life understand i said Christ  

you understand just everything that i said right 

you understand the very reason why he bled right 

you quoting from a bible that you aint never read right

you can get right or get the bums rush 

I’m a toss your lines out like a discuss 

cause you disgust everytime you dissed us

as it flips up watch them lips zips up

It’s the fivetweezy the cds on repeat

when Im speaking freely On jesus cuz he be 

Here to suit you up now kind of like a 3 piece 

got a bigger buzz around him than a queen bee

Ya talking greasy winan like cece 

Hell improve ya whole envirmonent just like its greenpeace

So Anyplace he lead me that’s just where we be 

Incredible hulking on the beat call me green beast
I go to war fast  warring on my warpath
While you role playing like ya life is world of warcraft
You try to hold cash knowing that you gone crash
roll past roll fast thinking that you gone last
man its so sad but I steady traveled on
Im battle hard from Babylon and I’m battle scared
until its time to mount up and stick my saddle on
he controls my every move like the dude in avatar
look confused on just who now I’m bragging on
im walking slow like I only got some sandals on
praying for the ones that never understand the song
hoping that they come to the son I’m standing strong like.. 

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