mixtape Monday: "who dat freestyle" / by The Paradigm Collective

take it easy duke I aint never been lame fivetweezy aint nothing but my penn name Now fa sheezy always ready w/ the pen game
walk heavy rock heavy but i gots a thin frame
I used to do it up now just to get my fame but since he got me on thru it I aint been same so hop to it youngin you can get a quick change while you running after to get this world with a quick gain yo these kids never straight learn They Looking lamer than a stranger w/ a fake perm
w/out a savior you in danger of a straight burn I got hunger now for God like its tape worm
Make a turn like you was going right See I’m a take these words everytime I’m on the mic and make sure that everyone is pointing back to Christ die to self daily i stay a sacrifice …
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