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Pride comes before a fall (Proverbs 16:18)
This was severely real to me when i was teenager… i had been playing sandlot football with a few of my homies after school from my JV team… in the midst of running a pass across the middle i ended up tweaking my ankle…. not enough to knock me out but enough to let me know that I was hurting.

The sensible thing would have been to call it a day and head home knowing that anymore stress would add to the problem… did i listen? Of course not…my male athletic pride kicked in and next thing i know I’m laid up for 2 weeks with a severly sprained ankle.

Pride comes before a fall! A lot of us are like this… we’re hurt… we’re broken.. we need healing! But do we listen? No… our pride forces us along and instead of crying out to the healer of our souls, we nurse our broken spirits along thinking that we can get better on our own… we never can.

We need HIM! You can talk to God today and ask Him for the beginning of that healing… don’t let your pride keep you from experiencing all he has for you. (for nutrition, workout tips and much more)