Been gone but i'm back i guess? (updates!) / by The Paradigm Collective

Hey my peoples…

I’m currently sitting here in the airport contemplating why I haven’t video blogged, podcasted, tweeted and done a video devo/friday freestyle in 2 weeks or so… to be honest I’m so bogged down trying to finish up this 52 television album it’s been consuming every facet of my life right now.

I was supposed to do a live video chat last monday plus release another mixtape for yall but alas editing, writing, recording and producing is eating up my time on all angles… as I sit here there is mulitple files sitting on my desktop taunting me like a 5th grade bully who has my lunch money.  Don’t worry I’m hanging in there… the new kj lp will surely worth the time and effort that it’s taken.  I’ve hit a last lap burst of speed that has me out of nowhere getting very creative and seeing multiple songs that have frustrated me suddenly start to come together.

This month has been crazy… in the span of 2 weeks I’ve reconnected w/ several high school/middle school friends along w/ abruptly running into peoples that I haven’t seen for years… I celebrated a bday and also found out that I have a new found love for all things hummus related.

The launch of this new kj lp will be the most unique setup we’ve ever done before… more details on that to come along w/ a tracklisting/guest listing.  I think you’ll be very happy w/ it… pray for ya boy as I’m in the home stretch and I want to finish strong!

God bless..


currently reading: “One year of living biblically”  /   John 4