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Day 5

"this feels like a senior class trip..".

I purposely forced myself to stay up late (130am) and then got up (530am) in order that the 4 hr drive to Albany would go quicker (hello sleepy sleepy pillow). Myself and George and the whole Superchick band are caravanning in a large mini bus that honestly feels like were all taking a class fieldtrip.. Ie stopping @ mcdonalds, taking pictures of kangaroos, singing Michael mcdonald songs etc.. My nap made the trip go quicker and shortly we arrive @ strawberry fest which is actually someones backyard on a strawberry farm.

We actually wind up in someones house for our green room which gave everthing a homey sort of feel.. I proceed to wash clothes, check Internet, eat some amazing food/strawberries and enjoy the hospitality of some wonderful Aussie peoples. We rock it that evening for 1k people and head to our hotels for some much needed sleepage.