Australia blog day 3-4 ( / by The Paradigm Collective


awake @ 430 am to catch 7am flight… get ready… head downstairs to gas up rental and panic and realize that i dont know how to open the gas gauge on the car… pickup George then realize that I have no idea how to get to the airport and that the GPS on my iphone aint working @ all… Then realize how dumb I am that there is a ton of signs directing me right to the airport… top that off by realizing that the gas gauge opens w/ one push….

Thank God aussies are laid back and the rental guy lets me off the hook w/ no extra charge…. YET we get all the way to the airline counter and the lady slaaaaapppppsss me w/ a 550 dollar charge for over weight baggage? Lady! How am i supposed to compute kilos… I’m american… * tear drop* I’m not sure what was worse… the bird getting me the day before or this…

Either way it’s off to Brisbane for Easterfest as we arrive shortly and then proceed to head out on the 2 hr drive to the festival… I pass out in the front on my neck pillow to wake up to a much different scenery…. it looks like nothing I’ve seen in the states and yet has an almost Florida feel… We arrive @ Easterfest to find a sprawling festival in the middle of the city. U have to understand that my only point of reference on festivals is usually a dust drenched backwoods spot that leaves my sneaks tore up from the floor up.. So this one w/ it’s green grass and beautiful weather is a welcomed respite.

Easterfest was nothing like the typical featival @ all.. I have to say hands down they had the best green room I’ve ever had the pleasure to kick it in.. When you’ve been stuck in a plane/van/car for multiple hrs little things like this make a huge difference. “Tall coffee with a side of awesome? Yes please.. I’ll take two…”.

We proceeded to rock the following stages: big band (which I fell off the front catwalk) main stage (which was incredible) and redfrog late night stage (which was intimate, hot and fun) and then retire to our apartment/hotel (which In the process I somehow managed to break our ironing board). Easterfest really added the special touch by leaving a basket of redbull shots, timtams and other asst. Goodies (two please!).

I’m back up the next day for a media talkback session (which my host busted a dctalk rhyme.. Dopeness) a signing and a 3pm show.. @ this point even w/ proper rest jet lag is like a hobbit on my back and I’m struggling a bit thru the day (long black coffee please…). Finish up (no spills on the stage this time) grab a quick shower and roll 2 hrs back with my homies from Superchick as we proceed to catch our Brisbane flight to Perth (never thought a 5 hr flight would seem so short).

We land @ 11pm tha night… Day 3-4 is done!