Australia blog day 2 / by The Paradigm Collective

Australia blog day 2
"why is the steering wheel on the other side of the car?"

We touched down approximatly @ 630 am in Sydney and I can honestly say this is the first flight I’ve ever landed @ 630am where I was wide awake and ready to rolls… 
Got thru baggage/customs without a shred of problems only to get lip smacked hard with the fact that I was about to get a crash course in other side of the road driving… 

Pure fear combined w/ overwhelming dread might have been the feeling @ this point but I gave myself a lil pep talk “sorrentino… you’ve been in some of the worst projects in america and you’re from YBOR CITY!  YOU CAN DO THIS!!!” and proceeded to drive to my hotel…  Did I mention that because the driver side is on the other side I kept accidentally veering over (got a few honks from the locals) and not to mention accidently clipped the curb a few times w/ my tire… argggghhhhhhh.
Because it was so expensive to run my cellphone in Australia I couldnt use my GPS/email/web browser on my iphone…. thus pondered the fact of how did we ever navigate when cellphones were just cellphones?  Thus by the grace of God we were able to actually make it to the hotel only to find out that it was 7am and wayyyyy to early to check in….  also @ this point we find out that both our power converters aren’t working thus negating the ability to be able to charge laptops/cellphone/call home/surf web……. look @ dumb videos on youtube (gotta have priorites!) 

BACK TO THE CAR!!  Drive downtown this time barely hitting a pedestrian along w/ clipping mulitple curbs again w/ my tire… (im getting a hang of it slowly)  Decide to hit apple store/kebab lunch/australia museum/apple store/boomerang store/shoe store/back to hotel…. (in that order).  
At this point (430pm) the heavy hand of exhaustion/jet lag is slowly being to run me down and proceed to tap me on the shoulder…. “wait i say… i must wash clothes….” he doesnt seem to care as in the point when i finally lay down for 30 minutes whilst clothes are being washed i say “george wake me in 30…” 

BAMMMMMMM…. i’m out! Literally wake up @ 130am and proceed to dive back in bed till 5am…. thus ending day 1 in australia.

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