Australia blog day 1 / by The Paradigm Collective

-travel day (houston to Sydney)

Our day started in orange tx. As we drove back to Houston tx to catch our flight.. Millions of little details to be finished as we headed out the country.. Deposits, luggage, returns, purchases, fedex and so much more! George is like a little kid hopping around with excitement while I seem to be playing the role of grumpy dad heading to disney..

Travel overseas entails so much more logistics that i think I get bogged down in the process rather than enjoying the ride.. Maybe I been doing this so long I’ve gotten too accustomed to it.. Maybe it’s that I can’t see the forest from the trees.. Either way I sit here on the plane @ 4am Australia time anticipating our touchdown.

I’m stuffed up and sitting here in some gym shorts with my power rangers shirt on from yesterday all the while my socks are pulled up to my calves.. I look like some odd 12 year old anticipating gym class yet hoping coach doesn’t make me run laps.

Suprisingly enough I got enough sleep on the plane and haven’t drove myself nutty from a 14 hr flight… I really miss my family right now.. I got to see my wife and son on video chat right before I left and i think it makes me miss them that much more.

This has been the longest I’ve been away from them (total will be 10 days or so) so I think that’s making it a lil tougher.. Florida is not exactly around the corner from Australia but heading here is one more check off my bucket “to do” list.. All I got left is japan and then I’m done! I’m never leaving the country again :)

In all seriousness I’m looking forward to meeting the Aussie people and experiencing the culture.. My only interaction w/ Aussies would be crocodile Dundee, outback steakhouse and the newsboys so I think I have a lot to learn.. Ha ha.

Looking forward to what God has in store!