5 rules on how to not be "that guy.." / by The Paradigm Collective

That guy!

You know… the one that you and your friend motion to and say … check out “that guy…”.

"That guy" is not necessarily a good thing to be… you may be "that guy" and not even realize it…  I had to deal w/ "that guy" a couple of times yesterday and feel its high time "that guy" is addressed.. so here is my 5 rules to spot/be/avoid "that guy".

1. Wearing sunglasses inside the gym while you work out @ night…

Nothing screams “that guy” louder than this one… why do you have shades on inside? @ the gym? While you’re working out?  Is the shine off the dumbells so great that you need glare protection? You have officially become … “that guy”.

2. Wearing you’re bluetooth headset 24/7

While i can understand keeping it on for a temporary amount of time… or even just absent mindedly keeping it on and forgetting it … but if everyone time I see you you have it on as if it’s some odd kind of jewelry… you’re officially “that guy”…. I’m sorry you’re either a. not that in demand b. too lazy to take it off and put it in you’re pocket.

3. If you have the following combo. working all @ one time..

spiked overly gelled hair + flipped hollister collar + camaro + peeling out + flying around my block 17 times in the above combo. = “that guy”

all these elements by themselves are cool… however you combine all at once and I’ve seen you drive around my block 25 times…. you’re “that guy”.

4. Loud cell phone talker in a silent elevator

If the elevator is absolutely silent and you get on talking soooooo loud that everyone on the 52 floor above can hear you… you are ‘that guy”… dbl. the points if you use words like “babe” “sweet’ etc… while you’re talking that loud.

5. If any of these apply to you and you can’t realize it but all you’re friends do…