Can I be honest? / by jonah sorrentino


If I could be transparent for a moment.. This has been a rough year for me.  Cancelled shows/tours/dates have left me in a financial state that's isn't easy.. I trust God that he will provide but it still weighs on my mind heavy.

Couple this with the changing landscape of the music biz (sales dwindling to nada and shows getting tougher to get/put on) it's put me in a spot of battling frustration and contemplating if it's time to move on..

But it feels like every time I get to that spot something happens to encourage me not to give up.. It could be an email.. a letter or in this case the support we received for the #saveamisfit campaign that I did with my friends @ Hope in Motion.

With my new album one of the songs that I saw that really began to ring off was "island of the misfit toys" .. I hadn't seen a song connect like that live since the days of "dear slim".

I know we are living in a visual age where it's not enough to just have a song... there needs to be a visual to support it.. That's why I felt a video & a curriculum was so important to this movement.  People need to hear that they are loved (Romans 5:8) in a world that wants to break us down this message is so important..

With that being said I want to thank all of those that supported financially.. Your help means the world and makes it possible to do what we do.

Much love!