Where you been Tweezy? / by jonah sorrentino

What's going on everybody? It has been quite a while since I've done any kind of blogging and I just wanted to bring you guys up to speed on what I've been up to.. As most y'all know we dropped our first single off the brand-new album "mental" was this joint called game face ft. the talents of KB/Soul glow/flame ...

Most of my month has been spent on the road getting the word out about my brand-new release.. Check out some footage below from my last couple weeks on the road...

We've also been hooked up with the opportunity to partner with Monday night football as they taken my new single tonight and have been playing every Monday for the next couple weeks..

My brand-new EP features a ton of my homies in the Christian hip-hop realm we were blessed enough to have it debut at number one on the first day..

And finally one of the remixes that I'm super amped to talk about is a joint featuring Lecare and Propaganda check out the lyric video below..

Thank you guys for your support it means so much!

One love one God one way

KJ 52