O-town throw down / by jonah sorrentino


Thats how I would characterize this weekend.. After catching a red eye flight back from Sacramento to ft Myers (and getting no sleep while on the flight) I hit the ground running. 

After picking up the fam we drove three hours up to Orlando for fusion which is the Assemblies of God youth conference for all of peninsular Florida.


I went to bed about 130 was back up at seven to do two sets that day..


Heres some footage from that show..

(4k kids in attendance) 



Growing up in Florida and attending youth convention like this as a teenager this whole thing hit home a lot more for me.. A lot of times I like to picture what it would have been like sitting out there in the audience and praying that God would impact kids like myself..


Being that my family was with me the party didn't stop as this included a 1030pm hot tub trip with my two little stinkers..



The next day we got up and headed over to river of life church in Riverview Florida to partner with planet shakers and Reggie Dabbs.


Reggie brought a powerful message that morning about the power of hope & it was great to see him in action as me and him go back many years..



It's 10 o'clock we hit the road and headed back home ... suffice to say I'm whooped  but it was amazing weekend.. Thanks to all who were apart! 


One love one God one way.